Main figures

1300 MW
Annual silicon
wafers production
3 500 MW
Projects portfolio
in Russia and abroad
About factory

The modern innovative production complex Encore is located in the city of Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region.

Silicon ingots and wafers factory was launched in 2023 and represents a full cycle production of n-type silicon wafers and photovoltaic cells based on heterojunction technology (HJT).

Silicon wafers

Mono-crystal silicon ingots growing, silicon blocks preparing, silicon wafers cutting and washing.

Silicon wafers production capacity is 1.3 GW per year.

Photovoltaic cells

High-efficiency photovoltaic сell based on heterojunction technology with the efficiency up to 25%.
PV-cell production is 1 GW per year.

Heterojunction technology

Heterojunction technology (HJT) is the most efficient and promising silicon-based industrial technology for solar energy which allows to achieve maximum solar cell performance due to the record-low temperature coefficient and absence of LID (light-induced degradation).

Quality control

Due to the multi-level quality control management, experienced staff and new modern equipment our factory produces unique and high quality products which meet the requirements of the ISO International Standard (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001).

PV cell
30 years
Silicon wafers
Produced from n-type monocrystalline silicon
for the photovoltaic cells manufacturing
Photovoltaic cells

Produced based on heterostructure technology, which allows

for maximum performance and service life of the photovoltaic module

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We are committed to sustainable development and care about the environment. The environmental agenda of Encore factory is to reduce CO2 emissions through the use of alternative energy sources.

As part of this strategy, we implemented an innovative solution to install building integrated photovoltaic facade systems (BIPV) with power generation function on the buildings of our production complex. This allows us to significantly reduce our carbon dioxide emissions on 10,7 tons thanks to solar energy.

BIPV facade system is an integral part of modern engineering and architectural solutions for energy-efficient buildings, which aim to reduce the use of traditional energy sources and improve the environmental footprint.

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